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 $3,219 Setup – 30 day money back – 1 year license agreement, each package contains 10 videos

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Watch Samples: Pick Your Firm’s Theme

STEP ONE: Our attorneys and paralegals are saying everything your potential injured client wants to hear from your law firm. Pick a theme that matches your branding.

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Choose High Paying Practice Areas

STEP TWO: Choose which practice areas you need videos for based on your speciality. If they aren’t on our list, just tell us what you need! We’ve helped build a lot of firms this way!

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STEP THREE: The buzz here in the San Francisco Bay Area is BIG DATA! Data = Power And we want to know that your videos are converting to cases.  Need more information? Contact us!

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These are pre-filmed, case researched videos, filmed with loads of our “special sauce” for getting big cases, and customized with your firm’s branding for licensing. Once you pick the 10 video package that works best for you, we go to work on the important task of getting those videos visible in the searches.

You have nothing to loose with a 30 day money back guarantee. We’ll refund your initial investment if you get the videos and don’t see what you want with no explanation whatsoever.

We want your videos to win, we expect your videos to get cases, and so should you!

Pre-sales FAQ videos are now proven to build law practices! Unlike expensive TV advertising, which is “broadcasting” to a large group where you may get a few cases by showing your ad to a lot of people, online video is targeted with research to a smaller group who want to hear your message. Those who have been injured ask the same questions each time, but in many varied ways. By answering these questions, we’re meeting their needs while building trust in your firm.

It takes months of preparation, and years of experience to film the kinds of videos we’ve created for you. This is the very first “out of the box” plug & play video solution for your specialized business. Keeping your cases in mind, pre-made practice area videos are researched, tested, honed, creatively filmed, and thought through from beginning to end. These videos are search engine optimized and engineered in every way to reach as many clients as possible in your specialized practice, areas so you can help more people recover from their injuries.

It’s easy to get started looking like you spent TV advertising money on your videos! Whether you’re a big firm ready to go bigger, or a small firm ready to grow into a medium sized law firm you’ll look like a million dollars with these well thought out, well produced, well researched videos.

All you do is look at the video templates. Pick a theme you like. Choose your practice areas and fill out the form. Once we get started we’ll ask that you email us a high resolution version of your logo. In 3 weeks or less, we’ll send you embed code for 10 videos matching your practice areas! It’s that easy!

Why Choose Pre-Made PI Videos2go?

  • You don’t have to lift a finger to get your videos done
  • We know what your potential clients want to see
  • 3 week turn around
  • Modern look and feel with your branding
  • Look expensive without paying an arm and a leg
  • We are a woman owned USA company engineering your videos with knowledge and love!
  • We’ve built law firms from the ground up this exact way!
  • Full 30 Day Money Back Guarantee

How Many Cases = Success?

It’s a deal! License Ten Videos for a year, and you only need 1.3 cases to pay for itself. If each case is worth $1o,ooo your in the green after 1.3 cases. 

emailTIP: When your potential client is on the fence, email them a video.

(We’ve gotten trucking, mass tort and car accident cases when the email contains video)!

Emailing video makes them 300% more likely to contact you and become clients.

cost per case

Winning Licensed Personal Injury Marketing Case Specific Videos

clapboard-iconYour home town video production team won’t know personal injury cases, seo research and specialized scripting the same way.

We’ve been right next to our attorneys working to get big cases for years. 

STATS: What does video normally cost?

  • One Corporate Video between $2,000 and $5,000
  • One Locally Filmed TV Ad $13,000 (Just Production)
  • Ten Pre-Filmed Customizable Personal Injury Case Specific $829.00 a Month + Setup Fee

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